Children Dentistry (Paediatric)

At Available Dental Care Campbelltown Children’s Dentistry (Paediatric) is amongst our core practices – we love working with children.

We believe deciduous (baby) teeth are as important permanent teeth as they assist children in speech, self-esteem and nutrition.

Available Dental Care Campbelltown children’s dentistry  has a purpose  to treat children in a relaxed, happy and safe environment and to make them feel at ease as much as is possible.

We also offer ‘happy gas’ as a great way to relax nervous young patients.

Happy gas

Giving nitrous oxide is a way to help reduce anxiety during dental treatment and is great for childrens dentistry or nervous adults.

It can represent the most nearly ‘ideal’ clinical sedative situation.

Happy gas works very rapidly – it reaches the brain within 20 seconds, and relaxation and pain-killing properties develop after 2 or 3 minutes

The patient will be aware of what is happening around them but will feel more relaxed.

There’s no lasting effect – with the gas is eliminated from the body within 3 to 5 minutes after the gas supply is stopped.

This makes it perfect not only in childrens dentistry but also for adult patients with a fear of dentists.

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